2021 Wild Ride Routes

Do not let the soft fur, wet nose, and cuddly appearance fool you! This bear cub has teeth! Step into the ring and wrestle with this 16.5 mile out and back route that will leave you dreading round 2. Join Portsmouth Connex on June 19th and wrestle this cub into submission!

Do not be fooled by another cute face, this kitty has claws! This long loop through the best routes in Shawnee State Forrest has everything for the aspiring rider. Join Portsmouth Connex on June 19th for some ups, downs, and all around the beautiful Shawnee State forest.

Are you tough enough to tangle with the timber rattler? This wild and winding 55 mile ride through the heart of Shawnee State Forrest will have you weak in the knees! Join Portsmouth Connex on June 19th to test your mettle, and see if you are immune to the venom of the Rattler Roll!