Project Romp (Revitalize Our Mound Park)

Project Romp Is Born From An Idea

Project ROMP (Revitalize Our Mound Park) was accomplished through a collaborative effort with the City Of Portsmouth, the Scioto Foundation, corporate and private donors. The project fundraising kicked off with Connex being awarded the first Scioto 365 grant from the Scioto Foundation in the fall of 2017. The idea for a activity path in Mound Park was submitted by Connex during the grant writing process in the hopes that it would lead to more paths being constructed in the area.

Connex is awarded the first Scioto 365 grant from the Scioto Foundation for $20,000

Connex sold commemorative bricks and received generous donations from area businesses and individuals and was able to raise a little over $100,000 dollars for the activity path project. The project consist of a paved activity path through part of the park and a plaza where bricks and benches with donor names, along with a monument depicting a map of the original earthwork mounds that once existed here. Along with the map is some brief history about the origins of the earthworks. It is our hope that this path will encourage local citizens to get out to Mound Park and enjoy it’s beauty and history as well as get a little exercise.

Work On The Project Begins!

On July 9th ground was broken for the base of the monument for the plaza! Things are finally starting to move now. As of July 10th this is where we are with the project. The monument that will display the map of the original Earth works along with some history has been ordered and will probably be late September or maybe in October before it is delivered and mounted on the base. In the meantime, bids were sent out and a contractor has been selected to lay the asphalt pathway. Allied Construction was awarded the job of paving our activity path. They should have their work done by mid-September baring any delays from weather, etc. Bricks have been ordered and are in the process of being engraved with the donors messages. August 10th has been slated as the date work on the laying the brick plaza will begin. Michael Johnson a local contractor has graciously donated his expertise along with some of his crew to help Connex build the plaza. Members of the Connex board will be on hand to help Michael and his crew prepare the spot and lay the bricks. Wagner Rental and Ricer Equipment have donated the use of equipment. The city of Portsmouth is in the process of doing their project of adding security lighting and cameras. It is our hope to see a completed project sometime in October!

base for monument
Forms for the monument base are laid out

Plaza Excavation & Brick Laying

On August 10, 2019 the area for the Donors Plaza was excavated with the help of volunteers from Connex. Michael Johnson of Johnson Masonry led the work and guided the volunteers on how to properly lay a paved brick patio. Ricer Equipment provided us a skid steer, Wagner Rental provided us a compactor, Portsmouth Block provided us with bricks, sand & gravel and Portsmouth Monument provided the engraving of names on the paving stones. The Connex crew along with Michael Johnson worked all that week getting the paving blocks laid. Working by cell phone flashlights the final day to get the last paver put in place!

Paving Begins On The Path

After Labor Day weekend the paving project began! Allied Construction out of Chillicothe won the bid to do the project. They did a great job! We were very pleased in how fast and how well the path looked after completion. While they did their work Connex volunteers finished up the plaza work by sanding and sealing the paving blocks. Everything was coming together and looking great!

The Monument Is Put In Place

On October 10th & 11th Portsmouth Monument Company set the new earthworks monument and stone benches in place on the plaza. The map of the original earthworks was a thing of beauty! Connex being excited to see the plaza finally coming together was an understatement! It was a long road to get to this point! We could not have done it without the help of so many people and we can not thank them enough!

Romp-O-Ween Dedication Ceremony

October 20th 2019 Connex will be dedicating the new Mound Park Donor Plaza & Activity Path to the city of Portsmouth and the community at the park from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm with a ribbon cutting. After the ceremony the community is invited to stroll along the path. Area businesses will be set up along the way and offering treats to children, so be sure to have your kids dressed up for Halloween Trick-or-Treat! That includes pets too! Connex will also be putting on a bike rodeo on the basketball court, so bring your child’s bike along if they want to participate. Free helmets will be given away. There will also be a maze for the youngsters to play in. It should be great fun! We hope it is just the beginning of bringing pleasure to our Portsmouth community!

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