Community Wellness Event Schedule

Make a commitment to a healthier you! We offer free group fitness events all through the week, every week, led by volunteers who are giving of their time to support you. Do it for yourself! Make the commitment to try at least one of these activities and stick to it every week. You won’t regret it!


Portsmouth Connex Run/Walk Group (Monday) – Join Reece & Bri for McChesney Ridge Monday’s starting July 17th.

Jenn’s Rookie Ride (Monday)Ride starts at 4:45pm from the Scioto County Courthouse. Riders do a casual paced ride around the streets and flood wall area of Portsmouth for about an hour. Ride is led by volunteer Jenn Kish.

Betty’s Rookie Ride (Tuesday)Cancelled for the rest of the season.

Rockin’ with Wendi (Tuesday) – Hike starts at 6:00pm. A group hike up to Raven Rock scenic point. Park at the new splash park. The trail head is right across the highway. Hike led by volunteer Wendi Waugh.

Walking with Jill (Wednesday)Walk starts at 6:00pm in front of the Portsmouth Life Center. Walkers make a loop around the Greenlawn cemetery at their own pace for a distance of about 1.5 miles. Walk is led by volunteer Jill Preston.

Ride of Chucky (Wednesday) – Ride stats at 6:00pm from the Ohio side of the Greenup Dam. A 20ish mile brisk bike ride through the rolling hills of southern Ohio. Riders will regroup at key turning points so everyone knows which way to go. Ride is led by volunteer Chuck Warner.

Walmart Walkers (Wednesday)Walk starts at 7:00pm at the stop sign by the grocery end of the Walmart building. Walkers do laps around the Walmart store. Each lap is .4 miles. Some walkers do 10 laps but beginners are encouraged to do as many as they can and work up to it. Walk is led by volunteer Howard Newton.

Shawnee Bridge Ride (Thursday)Ride starts from the Otway, Ohio covered bridge shelter at 5:45pm. Riders will travel along the newly marked B (bridge to bridge) route and back. All riders are welcome to ride and do their own pace and pick their own distance. The route is well marked so bring a friend and come on out and ride. Ride is led by volunteer Bill Kirby.

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