Project Romp

Project ROMP (Revitalize Our Mound Park) is supported through a collaborative effort with the City Of Portsmouth, the Scioto Foundation, corporate and private donors. The project fundraising kicked off with Connex being awarded the first Scioto 365 grant from the Scioto Foundation.

Connex sold commemorative bricks and received generous donations from area businesses and individuals and was able to raise a little over $100,000 dollars for the activity path project. The project will consist of a paved activity path through part of the park and a plaza where bricks and plaques with donor names along with a monument depicting a map of the original earthwork mounds that once existed here. Along with the map will be some history about the origins of the earthworks. It is our hope that this path will encourage local citizens to get out to Mound Park and enjoy it’s beauty and history as well as get a little exercise.

Work on the project has begun!

On July 9th ground was broken for the base of the monument for the plaza! Things are finally starting to move now. As of July 10th this is where we are with the project. The monument that will display the map of the original Earth works along with some history has been ordered and will probably be late September or maybe in October before it is delivered and mounted on the base. In the meantime, bids were sent out and a contractor has been selected to lay the asphalt pathway. Allied Construction was awarded the job of paving our activity path. They should have their work done by mid-September baring any delays from weather, etc. Bricks have been ordered and are in the process of being engraved with the donors messages. August 10th has been slated as the date work on the laying the brick plaza will begin. Michael Johnson a local contractor has graciously donated his expertise along with some of his crew to help Connex build the plaza. Members of the Connex board will be on hand to help Michael and his crew prepare the spot and lay the bricks. Wagner Rental and Ricer Equipment have donated the use of equipment. The city of Portsmouth is in the process of doing their project of adding security lighting and cameras. It is our hope to see a completed project sometime in October!

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base for monument
Forms for the monument base are laid out

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Connex is a non-profit group dedicated to the development of activity routes throughout Portsmouth and the surrounding community. The group’s mission, “to inspire activities of play, exercise, and social connections to promote health and wellness,” aligns with the health and economic development challenges of the Portsmouth community. Ideally, the routes will connect key destinations such as parks, entertainment, historical sites, hospitals, shopping, and beyond. The collaborative efforts of Connex align with collateral projects underway with city government, the Scioto County Health Coalition, and the Southern Ohio Port Authority.

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Officers & Board Members

Wendi Waugh – President
Bill Kirby – Vice President
Eva Gitome – Treasurer
Dawn Scott – Secretary
Heather Adkins
Toni Dengel
Norman Hays
Martin McAllister
Aimee Miller
Lyvette Mosley
Leann Mullins
Nathan Mullins


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