Connex Jerseys For 2020! Show Your Love!

This year we are happy to be able to offer up not only a really cool jersey design but we also have singlets, shorts, bibs and arm warmers available. Even better, you can order directly online and have the items shipped right to your door! Jerseys are only $64 this year!

Our Connex kits are coming from Jakroo and they offer a guarantee fit if you use their size service order form. The online store is open until January 27th and once it closes Jakroo will fill all orders with expected delivery around February 10th. We will have the option to open the store again later throughout the year if we need it.

Click here to enter the online store

Jakroo will guarantee your fit if you use their Guarantee Fit Form. If they get the size wrong they will offer a replacement at no cost but you MUST use their form to receive the fit guarantee.

Click here for the JAKROO Guaranteed Size Service Form

We highly recommend you use the size service form!

If you wish to talk to our Jakroo representative to get answers to any questions, you can find his information below.

Connex Annual Public Meeting Was Held January 22, 2020

Thanks For Coming!

Thank you! Thank you to all of you who came out to support Connex, become members, and get a snapshot of the goals and objectives to continue development of the infrastructure and enthusiasm for outdoor movement in the greater Scioto County area. Below is our PowerPoint slideshow from the meeting. Find slideshows from the guest speakers on down in this article.

A special thank you to Stephanie Gilbert from OVRDC, Dr. David Wicks from the Ohio River Recreational Trail, and Kristie Franklin for sharing such important information & to Kelli Richardson and the SOMC Friends Center for hosting us. 

OVRDC Presentation

Ohio River Recreational Trailer Presentation

Southern Ohio Mountain Biking Association Presentation

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