Bike Saftey

Creating a Safe Environment for Riders


Bike safety is a top priority to us.

Connex’s mission is to inspire activities of play, exercise, and social connections by promoting health and wellness. To make sure everyone stays, we advocate for bike safety with billboards, signage placed along event routes, adult training sessions hosted by Yay Bikes, and bike rodeos for youth.

Our goal is to have more safe routes throughout the county. Ideally, these routes will connect key destinations such as parks, historical sites, hospitals, shopping, and beyond.

With the help of the Scioto County Engineers office, the first offical bike route in the county was established at the end of 2016. Located in the beautiful Shawnee Forest, this route spans from Mackletree Bridge at Roosevelt Lake to the Otway Covered Bridge, on St. Rt. 348. This route is designated as the bridge to bridge ride and follows part of the Scenic Ohio Byway.

5 years later, the first designated bike lane in Portsmouth was officially dedicated along Front Street. Riders can enjoy it's current 3 mile loop along the Ohio River with plans of expanding the lanes into various neighborhoods.

Ways We Create Bike Safety Awareness:

Bike Rodeos for Youth

There is no better way to prepare future riders than through practice. Bike Rodeos offer a fun way for kids to build their biking skills and develop a greater understanding of bike safety. Learn More.


Connex is active in promoting safe riding for cyclist, pedistrans and drives.Wether it is through billboards, facebook post or placing signs during cycling events. Our goal is to keep riders and drivers educated in the rules of the road.

Community Development

Yay Bikes, a bike advocay group, hosted sevearal sessions to guide city officals and community leaders on ways to understand how they can improve conditions for transportation for cyclists. Learn more.

Lead Group Rides

During the summer months, Connex group leaders offer weekly rides, as well as "pop-up rides" on one of the designated bike routes. For updates on locations and times, follow the Connex Facebook Group. View the group page.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Grant Recepient

Free Bike Helmets for Youth

Through a generous donation from American Academy of Pediatrics, Ohio Chapter, Connex has been awarded free helments to give-a-way to area youth at events such as Safety Town and Tree City Celebration. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics the number of people injured in 2017 by not wearing a bike helmet was 51,000! While Ohio currently has no statewide mandate on helmet usage, the National Transportation Safety Board is recommending all states enact laws requiring bicyclists to wear helmets to stem an increase in bicycle deaths on U.S. roadways. Through raising awareness, providing needed resources and education we can help prevent injuries, save lives and much more!

  • In Ohio, estimates indicate that just 10-20% of children wear bike helmets
  • 75% of bike-related fatalities would be prevented with a helmet.
  • Helmet use can reduce the risk of head injury by 85% and severe brain injury by 88%.
  • Apart from the automobile, bicycles are tied to more childhood injuries than any other consumer product, including trampolines, ladders, and swimming pools

Join the Your Move Campaign

In an effort to fight statewide increases in fatal pedestrian and bicycle crashes as well as promoting a healthier lifestyle for all Ohioans, the Your Move campaign was established to promote bike safety.

Education for Drives.

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Ways to Encourage residents to choose active transportation

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Way to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

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Inspiring Health Through Play.

Come bike, hike and kayak with us.