2021 Membership

Let’s Move ! Access the downloadable membership form at the bottom of this post. If you prefer to pay online, go to Members–Join Us!

21 reasons you should join Connex in 2021!

  1. Connex annual membership is a mere $15.00.
  2. Membership includes a FREE Connex Gaiter with remittance by January 31, 2021.
  3. Connex works in your community for FREE!
  4. Connex is a non-profit organization.
  5. 100% of the events and accomplishments happen through volunteerism.
  6. 100% of the $$ raised are returned to the Portsmouth community. 
  7. Connex hosts group cycling rides, hiking, and kayaking events.  
  8. Plans for the first official bike path in Portsmouth are underway.   Stay informed.
  9. The activity path in Mound Park is a dedicated area where youth can ride a bike, a skateboard, or a scooter without worrying about vehicle traffic.
  10. Connex installed welcome signs in Mound Park. 
  11. Connex designed and continues to distribute Discover Portsmouth brochure. 
  12. Connex purchased bike Cruisers in 2020 and hosts rides for adults.
  13. Connex purchased youth bikes in 2020 and hosts rides for youth. 
  14. Connex will host a backpacking class, video clips of trail heads, trail head locations, gear recommendations and more in 2021. 
  15. Connex members share ideas of places to hike and bike.
  16. Connex members share experiences and outdoor life hacks. 
  17. Connex promotes family-friendly social opportunities.
  18. Connex connects the community of Portsmouth.
  19. Connex showcases the beautiful landscape in which we live and thrive. 
  20. Connex members vote for Connex leadership.
  21. Connex needs you!  Your community needs Connex!

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